Tips for applying concealer

A women’s secret weapon for the mornings that start too early, after the nights that end too late is a good under eye concealer. In addition to foundation and powder, concealer goes the extra mile to cover up dark circles, blemishes and skin imperfections.

If you are using liquid or cream concealer, start by putting a small amount on your finger and gently apply it under your bottom lashes and in the inner corner of your top lid. You can put it on over or under foundation but be sure to blend. The best way to blend is to dot the concealer back and forth with a makeup sponge or brush being sure not to aggressively pull or rub the skin around your eyes.

There is a fine line between not applying enough to cover fully and having too much. Use enough concealer that any dark circles around the eyes are no longer visible but you want to avoid using too much concealer because it will get cakey and flake.

Quick Tips for Eye Concealer

For dark circles yellow is best. You want your eye concealer to have a hint of yellow to give you the best coverage for dark or tired eyes. If you don’t have concealer handy, blend yellow eye shadow with your foundation and apply like an eye concealer. For broken capillaries, blend blue or green eye shadow to concealer or foundation for even cover.

If you haven’t tried concealer before and aren’t sure what color is best for you consider makeup artist favorite Mary Kay Concealer. An independent Mary Kay consultant will help you choose the right shade for your skin tone and if you aren’t happy with the look you can exchange it even if it’s been opened! Mary Kay Concealer gives excellent coverage, is lightweight, waterproof and well priced. The $10 tube will last for ages and is available in five shades.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Who better to come out with a tattoo concealer than female tattoo artist Kat Von D. Tattoos are common on women both young and mature but there is sometimes a time, place or occasion where you want the option to cover your ink.

With eight shades including porcelain, sand, almond and coco this tattoo cover up is oil and paraben free and provides long hours of tattoo coverage. It’s a heavy-duty, highly pigmented concealer that is transfer and water-resistant and covers scars and imperfections just as nicely as it covers ink. Found only at Sephora, you can conceal your tats the Kat Von D way for $25 a tube.