The Best Jobs for Makeup Artist

Every woman who wears makeup wishes that she had the skills of a professional makeup artist.  All women wish they knew the tricks and secrets that a professional makeup artist knows. Although several women put on makeup every day, most of them do not have the eye for the artistry and the skills which are possessed by professional makeup artists. For those who possess the talent to be truly skilled at the art of applying makeup, there are many wonderful job opportunities for them. If you are one of these skilled individuals, and you possess a true talent for applying makeup, then you should consider making a career in one of the best jobs for makeup artists. While there are many different makeup artists’ jobs available, some are far better than others. Below are a few of the jobs available to skilled makeup artists who allow them not only to fully express their creativity, but to make lots of money.

Commercials and Print Ads

Although we live in a world where Photoshop and airbrushing make ads look sleek and flawless, there is still a need for those who are skilled in the professional artistry of applying makeup. Some of the best and highest paying jobs for a makeup professional are those which have them applying makeup to the models which appear in both print and televised commercials. These jobs are fun for the artist because no two ads are the same, which keeps things exciting. Additionally, these artists are called on to use their creativity on the models they apply makeup to. Some of these artists even get the chance to travel around the world doing what they love.

Television and Movie Sets

While everyone wants to look like a movie star, it is not possible without the assistance of a professional makeup artist. Any makeup artist who works on a television or film set is relied upon to help make all of the actors and actresses look flawless. It takes special skills to apply makeup in such a way that an actor does not look overdone or unrealistic. Professionals who are skilled in doing set makeup on acting professionals can command a lot of money for what they do. Some of the professionals who have worked in this industry have even gone on to develop and sell their own lines of professional makeup products.