Get advice on applying makeup

Applying makeup is different for everyone. Some women like a soft and barely there look while others want a bold and dramatic statement. Regardless of what cosmetics you use and what look you are going for, makeup tips on how to apply cosmetics and what colors suit your skin is advice that you can apply to any look.

Great makeup application starts with healthy skin. Identify your skin type so that you can use product made specifically for your skin. A common misbelief is that oily skin types shouldn’t use moisturizer because it adds oil to already oily skin. The reality is your skin will produce oil if it doesn’t get enough added moisture. Everyone should be using a face moisturizer to avoid oily skin prone to breakouts and clogged pores.

Choosing a skin care line that will address your skin type, oily, dry, combination, sensitive, etc. is the first place to start. If you don’t know what to use, consult a facialist or esthetician and find out from a professional what your skin is all about.

Before you can apply your face makeup, do your research and look after your face cleanup.

Eye Makeup Tips for Night Eyes

When you think of eye makeup, mascara is the first product that comes to mind. Black and brown are the standard mascara colors but don’t be afraid to spice it up with a purple, green or blue.

Another eye makeup tip is to embrace eye liner, don’t fear it. A soft eye liner shade will bring out the shape and colour of your eyes and a dark liner will make lashes look thicker and give your eyes more of a pop.

Consider New Makeup Ideas

Cheek tint, black mascara, taupe eye shadow, chesnut eye liner, or so the same, cautious story goes. The hardest part of trying a new look is thinking of a new idea to try. It is easy to get in a rut and repurchase the same product, the same colours, month after month. For new makeup ideas talk to your girlfriends and find out if they have any new products to recommend. Blogs and online reviews are great because people are generally really honest if they love or hate a new product.

Makeup application is personal and everyone will do it differently. Your makeup should have your flare and represent you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t introduce new colours or looks once and while. If you never wear eye liner try a light brown or even a heavier liquid liner. Even smudge a punchy colour into the crease of your eye for a bold evening look.