Prom Make Up

Prom nights involve a lot of planning and preparation and are filled with fun, craziness, and lot of memories to be cherished forever. Naturally, the night demands special make up and may cost up to $50 if individuals are opting for professional help. The type of prom make up, however, needs to be done keeping in mind the individual’s facial features, skin tone, facial bone structure, hair style and dress. According to that, individuals may choose whether they want a soft and romantic or wild and loud make up. Although, it is natural to involve in hours of planning and discussion about the prom make up and dress with friends, it is essential to have enough sleep to look fresh and feel good on the grand night.

After choosing the perfect foundation matching the skin tone and complexion, individuals need to choose the right shade for their eyes and lips. However, it is also said that young girls do not always essentially require a foundation what with the skin itself being soft and radiant at a young age providing a natural glow. A light powder application can be enough for the perfect natural make up.

It is a common mistake to try to highlight both the eyes and lips – this often reduces the effect of make up. While highlighting the lips, bright colors are recommended. In the case of the eyes, a simple yet subtle make up combining an application of the liner, mascara, eye shadow, and false eyelashes might be appealing.

Brushing off the extra blush from the cheeks is necessary to avoid the look of a painted face. A touch of eye shadow highlighting the brow bones, a gloss on the lips, and some glitter on the bare arms, back, and shoulders can complete the perfect look of the prom night. This night can be the best opportunity to follow the make up styles of the favorite celebrities or stand out with the most natural make up. Prom make up advice are also offered in selected departmental stores and salons.