Tips for applying face powder

Unlike its weighty counterpart foundation, face powder is handy for giving skin an even look without feeling like you are wearing heaps of makeup.

The trick with loose powder is to not over apply. If you put too much on it will look caked and flake off throughout the day. Like most makeup applications, less is more. To get the most even look, apply the powder with a large, soft makeup brush. Coat the brush in the loose powder and gently tap off any excess powder. Follow the direction of your facial hair (yes, we all have facial hair) more an even look. Before application, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized so that the loose powder covers evenly.

If you prefer to use a powder puff instead of a brush, having clean skin is a must. The powder puffs tend to extract oil from the skin and there is less room for error with application of the powder. If you don’t apply evenly it’s more noticeable with a powder puff and often the application of the powder is heavier. Puffs need to be changed more frequently because of the oil they remove from your skin so remember to replace your powder puff like you would wash your brushes.

Revlon Ramps Up with ColorStay Pressed Powder

Many women’s purses aren’t complete without their favourite pressed powder. Pressed powder is the most portable of the face powder family as it travels well and won’t leak, spill or dust the belongings of your bag.

Revlon has introduced to the market ColorStay Pressed Powder. This micro-milled powder is lightweight and designed to be worn for up to 16 hours. Whether you use it as a concealer, over makeup or on bare skin, ColorStay Pressed Powder will minimize shine and has six shades ranging from fair to deep to match your skin tone. It’s oil free, non-pore-clogging and won’t cause skin irritations. It can be found at drugstores, retailers or online and is in the $12 price range.

MAC Beauty Powder is a Pleaser

The hardest decision about MAC Cosmetics Beauty Powder is deciding which shade to try first. This line has become addictive in the powder color category because of the wearable shades and quality of the product. Beauty Powder is a loose powder that has a sheer look. It can be applied to eyes, cheeks and skin and will give you a silky punch of color. The color collection ranges from pale pinks to funky fuchsia and everything in between!