Buy a How to Eye Makeup Guide with Tools

Although eye shadow and eye liner are two of the most widely used forms of makeup, they often get used incorrectly. This is because these tools can be easily misused to make people’s eyes look smaller or overdone. When these forms of eye makeup are used improperly, a person can actually diminish the natural beauty of their eyes. When these products are used correctly, they can take the natural beauty of the eye and enhance it dramatically. This is why it is important for every woman to know how to apply eye makeup properly. One of the best investments a woman can make is into a kit which teaches them how to put on eye makeup correctly. Below are some tips about how to use the makeup in one of these kits, or even the makeup you may already own.

Proper Eye shadow Techniques

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they have smaller eyes is that they apply eye shadow in such a way that it gives the eye the illusion of being even smaller. To avoid this, people should learn how to do eye makeup in such a way that it makes their eyes appear larger. The first step is getting eye makeup which is shimmering. This is because the shimmer in the eye shadow will catch the light and help create a more open and wider eye. The shimmery eye shadow also needs to be applied properly. People with very small eyes should apply a pale, medium shade color to the inner corner of their eyelid. From there, they should blend the darkest color of eye shadow they are looking to wear into the middle section of their eyelid. A light, shimmery eye shadow color should be used on the outer area of the eyelids. When these colors are properly blended together with the use of an eye shadow brush, they can create a stunning affect which can make eyes look dramatically wider.

Liquid Eye Liner

While using pencil eye liner may be very easy, it fails to deliver the type of glamorous results many women are looking for. In order to have eyes which look as if they were done by a professional makeup artist, you need to invest in some liquid eye liner. You also need to invest in the time it takes to learn how to apply eye liner which is liquid. This type of eye liner can help you achieve several glamorous makeup affects.