Tips for applying mascara

Mascara is a make-up essential. Women who don’t wear make-up will still keep a tube of their favorite lash enhancer close by and many women will confess to not leaving the house without it on. Whether it be for lengthening lashes, boosting volume or spicing up your eyes with a funky color, mascara is a product that gives great results.

Mascara reviews will tell you that applying mascara starts from when you pull the wand from the tube. If the wand is too saturated with color, wipe it off on a tissue to avoid clumping on your lashes. To get more product on the wand, twirl the wand in the canister and avoid pumping the wand. Pumping the wand up and down will only dry out the tube sooner.

Now you are ready to apply. When putting on mascara, regardless of the brand, start at the base of your lashes and work your way to the tips. This will ensure that you are evenly coating the entire lash. Apply only a small amount to your lower lashes to avoid the tarantula look!

When you get to the end of your tube, the mascara will become thicker. Do not add water to the tube to thin the mascara, instead place the closed tube in warm water. Adding water to the mascara tube gives bacteria the opportunity to grow and no one wants bacteria near their eyes.

It’s Tiny Tubes for Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

If you struggle with oily skin, resulting in your mascara smudging or running on your face, you should consider Blinc Kiss Me Mascara. The first of its kind in mascara, Blinc Kiss Me Mascara has a unique water-based formation that creates tiny water-resistant tubes around your eyelashes. The tubes add length and volume to your lashes and they won’t clump, flake, smudge or run. To take off these dainty lash tubes, simply use warm water and apply gentle pressure at the base of your lashes and they will slide right off! Because this mascara doesn’t respond to oil, from your skin or make-up remover, warm water is the best way to clean your face at the end of the day.

Is Waterproof Mascara Worth It?

Waterproof mascara is great for long extended wearing because it stays on so long. The downside is that waterproof mascara is harder to take off at the end of the day and often times you will be pulling out a noticeable amount of lashes. You have to be careful with waterproof mascara that you get it all off and there isn’t a build up of residue still sitting on your lashes that overtime, may create bacteria.

Volume mascara is ideal for ladies with thin or short lashes. It adds a bold enhanced look to your lashes and who doesn’t want that? Look for a quick dry volume mascara that won’t smudge and your lashes will be full enough to sweep the floors!