Tips for applying eye shadow

Everyone does their eye makeup a little different but if you want a few eye shadow makeup tips consider the following:

  1. Use three colours one neutral, one dark and one that’s in between. This will give you contrast and be a nice blending technique.
  2. Apply the neutral colour as an eye shadow base to your entire eye right up to the brow bone
  3. Always apply eye shadow to the middle of your lid and blend towards the nasal and away to the corner of your eye. This helps to give an even application without dark areas at the nasal.

The best way to apply eye shadow is with makeup brushes. They allow for the most accuracy and are the easiest for blending. When applying eye shadow dust the brush in the colour and tap the excess off before applying. Try to keep separate brushes for blending and applying so you don’t end up with your dark color under your brow unintentionally.

If you do over do it with color, a dry cotton swab is best to tone down the look. Worst-case scenario is you are beyond a quick fix with a cotton swab and you need to start again. Simply dampen a cotton pad with eye makeup remover, wipe your eye clean and start again with your base shadow.

Keep Natural with Shimmer Shadows

Shimmer eye shadow is great. It gives a new dimension to your eyes and spices it up from flat or plain shadows, but there is a downside. Beware of how you apply your shimmer eye shadow because while it makes your eyes dance, it emphasizes heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. The trick is to have you brow bone accented in shimmer but your lid should still appear neutral.

What Shades to Choose

Should you match your eye shadow to your sweater? What about matching shadow colors to your glasses or maybe your purse? How do you decide what shades of shadow are best on you?

The good news is there are lots of options on how to come up with a colour selection for you. If you have green eyes and you match with a green eye shadow the shadow color will enhance your eyes. Or use contrasting colors from your eyes to make them pop!

Consider an eye shadow palette that has several different colors or shades. A professional eye shadow palette can have up to 180 colours in one palette, which gives you lots to choose from. Even some of the smaller professional eye shadow palettes of 30 or 72 colors have enough selection you can experiment for months!