21 Day Daniel Fast Tips

It is important to contact your physician if you have any medical conditions prior to doing the fast. During the spiritual cleansing while doing the Daniel Fast here are some important steps to follow to complete the fast correctly and in a healthy way. Drink adequate amounts of spring, distilled or purified water during the fast.The water will keep you hydrated and will also help decrease any hunger you may experience until you get used to the change in eating habits. If following this type of fast is new to you there may be some difficulty the first week. This is completely normal. You may experience cravings, headaches or even become irritable as your body eliminates chemicals and toxins from processed foods or drinks you are used to eating.

You should eat frozen veggies and fruit during the fast. Always remember that fruits do contain natural sugars so the ratio should be 2:1 (veggies: fruits). Other foods to include are whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oats, etc. Nuts and seeds are good sources of protein as well as different types of beans and lentils.During the fast avoid eating all meat, dairy products, sweeteners,, refined and processed foods and breads. Do not drink any coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, alcohol or energy drinks.When in doubt read your labels and if you see any fancy names you can’t pronounce then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Remember to stay prayerful during the fast and allow the physical and spiritual cleansing to take place.