Professional Grade Nail Care Products

Not all nail care products are created equal. There is a big difference between the nail products sold in drug stores and those which are sold to professionals.  In the past, the only people who could buy professional nail products were those who were certified manicurist. These days, there are still some products which are only available to professionals, but some professional products are now being offered to the public for personal use at home. Below is some information about the nail products which can be found in most high end nail salons.

Only in Nail Salons

In the past everyone who went to a profession nail manicurist or nail artist to have false professional nails applied to their natural nail received a set of acrylic nails. This is because the nail art industry used to only consist of nails made with acrylic nail products. Today there are several options available to those who seek to have false nails. Now people have options such as solar nails and several gel nail products to choose from. These other options offer a higher quality nail which can be worn longer between nail fill-ins by a professional. The materials used to make these nails are offered by OPI acrylic nail products, Zoya nail products, and Tammy Taylor nail products to name a few. All of these professional nail products are still only available to professionals for use in nail shops.

Professional Products for Personal Use

While many of the nail products which are sold to create false nails are still only available to professionals, there are many other professional grade nail products which are now available to the public. One of the most popular and highest quality brands of professional nail products which offers may products to the public are OPI nail products. The nail polishes which are offered by O P I nail products are known to last longer and not chip easily. These polishes are not only superior to those which are sold in drug store, but they are also of a higher quality than some of the other professional grade polishes on the market. Currently the OPI brand outsells and is considered to be more superior than IBS nail products and KISS nail products. Recently OPI has even expanded to getting the licensing rights with Disney to offer a line of nail polish colors to promote the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie.