3 Facial Makeup Tips and Basic Overall Healthy Skin Care

3 Facial Makeup Tips and Basic Overall Healthy Skin Care

Firstly having great skin is a major part of any beauty cosmetic make up routine, it does not come naturally to everyone but you can help it as much as possible. The main point to having great looking skin is keeping it hydrated by applying a good moisturizer to your face before applying make up. Applying this everyday will help keep your face looking young and fresh because it will be hydrated.

Hydration is simply moisturizing and keeping everything soft. A dry flakey complexion is very aging and will create wrinkles that you just do not want, they are avoidable if you stick to a daily routine of moisturizing your face morning and night. Removing make up is very important and a good remover should be used, there are plenty of products and expensive does not always mean they are the best ones.

Going to the gym and getting a good work out and a great toned body is only part of the overall package, it is of no use having a great body if the outer layer covering it looks like crepe paper because it has not been given the same attention.

Tip 1. Blend your make-up well and the rule of thumb should be to keep it simple. There is nothing more aging than overdoing your make up and having your face looking too busy, too much powder can be aging as well due to it drying the skin.

Tip 2. Always always use a sun block cream of at least 30 plus. The sun is the most damaging thing to hit you than anything. Try to keep covered or just out of it if possible.

Tip 3. Wash your make-up brushes once a month as the bristles can harbour all sorts of germs and bacteria that can actually block your pores and thus cause breakouts.

Ebony is aware that the skin is the body’s biggest organ and needs a lot of tender loving care. The main point to good skin is not letting it dry out and become weathered and wrinkley.